• Envisioning a Better Future



The mission of Dads National Agency Against Domestic Violence is to end domestic violence by educating youth and empowering women to soar economically. In order to accomplish the mission we teach boys and girls the effects of domestic violence and have them take a pledge early in life, promising to not to be a perpetrator or victim, while providing training to women in areas they have been traditionally left out, such as technology like coding, robotics, etc.



DNAADV seeks to educate youth and address issues that cause anger within all individuals. DNAADV believes that the absence of solid men, dads and behavior in violent communities that individuals grow-up in, assist in creating an environment that would render domestic violence perpetrators. Through education at the street level by men holding themselves accountable, DNAADV intends to have a profound effect on the end of domestic violence.

  • The Good Neighbor: is a collection of Dads in their immediate neighborhood that are equipped with Bull Horns to swiftly address a bad situation until authorities arrive. Dads are provided negotiation tactics along with technology that provides the person and location of the person under duress.
  • Way Out: provides financial training that allows a woman to remain in control of her life and remove dependency of a violent partner’s assistance.
  • My Mind: teaches youth, at an early age, about anger management and better controlling situations in order to not become a victim or perpetrator.

DADDIES: Dads Adding Direction, Depth, Integrity, Expectation and Service is a platform for DADS to join this elite group and extend their skills to as many male children as possible, while creating the ultimate date for their daughters. Daddy’s Daughters National Night Out will be held each Labor Day Sunday beginning 2016.