About Us

Dads National Association Against Domestic Violence (DNAADV) is an initiative to eradicate domestic violence through education and prevention. DNAADV believes that domestic violence has many faces, therefore it was decided to tackle the three areas in which it is known to have a most impactful positive effect: home, community and at-birth.

DNAADV core belief is that the only way to end domestic violence is to:

  • Home, refers to the actions within an individual’s home, rather it be a relationship between two adult individuals, or how the adults are treating a child.
  • Community, addresses the violence that takes place within the streets and schools in our neighborhoods.
  • At-birth, deals with men fathering children and walking away, sometimes before the child is every born immediately introducing the child to an environment in which domestic violence tends to thrive.  

While laws and policy are important, DNAADV holds the belief that values, morals, responsibility and teamwork can end domestic violence over the next 20 years. We must reinforce the value of a life and how fragile life is, from emotional damage to physical harm.