Dads Adding Direction, Depth, Integrity, Expectation and Service (DADDIES) is a brotherhood that allows DADS to extend their skills to as many male children as possible while creating the ultimate date for their daughters. Daddy Daughters National Night out will be held annually the Sunday before Labor Day starting in 2016.

DNAAVD believes a father is given his title because of an action before the child is born, a daddy can only exist once a child is born, and the title is earned.

Daddies VS. Father’s

  • A father may never see his child but a daddy cannot go without seeing his child.
  • A daddy provides love, emotional and financial support to a child. He is the protector and hero for his child regardless of any biological tie that may or may not exist.
  • Being a daddy is the most gratifying, rewarding, and important act a man can achieve in his life.
  • Daddies’ efforts will determine the outcome and quality of his daughter’s way of living, according to

As an active DAD your will receive:

  • Name added to the website as Support of Peace  
  • Text and email updates on parenting and new initiatives
  • Make suggestions on initiatives for your community and nationally  
  • Discount pricing on merchandise and tickets to local and national events
  • Receive a DNAADV Purple Bull Horn Pin







Game Changer



Membership includes a $100 annual fee.