We stand by our 6 core values:

  1. We listen to all individuals: Our work involves active engagement with perpetrators and victims who have and those that might experience violence so that our efforts are guided by their realities and concerns.
  2. We educate to graduate: Our educational process is about dealing with the hard facts that domestic violence has only escalated over time and we must take different measures to end it.  Our youth are the key to ending it but all Americans play apart in preventing it. Our country has evolved into one of the most violent societies and it is displayed everyday through our music, television, sports and streets and we must graduate in these areas to eradicate.
  3. We advocate for institutional and social change: We examine the practices and policies of social and governmental agencies that intervene in the lives of women and youth in hard to reach areas, and address systemic problems by engaging local entrepreneurs in the development of creative and effective solutions.
  4. We struggle against environment oppression. Individuals are so often left hopeless because of their situation and location so we like to assist with the changing of women and children physical locations in order for them to optimize their talents.
  5. We promote economic equality: Each life is unfortunately is valued by what they have or earn, so we teach our youth about the bottom line and how their actions will affect it.
  6.  We believe in today: Today is an opportunity to affect a life and “If I don’t do it Who Will” so every day is Domestic Violence and September is their national month.