3D Hair Сolour Еechnology

3D Hair Сolour Еechnology

3D Hair color technology  -Tempting for the stylish new beauties in color. Blame the unusual method of changing the color of hair belongs to Japanese art. The peculiarity of this holographic technology is in painting individual strands. The professional client chooses for the desired combination of three close colors part of the unified palette. Can be divided by their main color and two additional colors that will go well with the first. After that, according to a special scheme selected strands selected in different areas of the head. After the procedure, the hair look more fresh and strong colors give a play, creating enhanced effect of natural light of the living and healthy hair. The principle of 3D painting is essentially a fusion of revolutionary services such as hairdressing industry-staining, coloring and highlighting hair. Last on the Russian market have appreciated especially brunettes, this painting is also largely based on the use of three similar colors.

Advantages of the 3D-color:

  • minimal risk of staining the skin of the head;
  • content in the formula of paint about 85% of the natural, that is, natural substances;
  • gloss of each strand of hair is increased by more than 50%;
  • up to 45% reduces the need for conventional colored pigments, the quality of the hair dye is not reduced;
  • the various protective elements are present in the paint, are useful for protein structure of each hair, ie painting has a protective effect, and caring;
  • the amount of hair, which expands;
  • the external effect of light refreshing hair dyeing;
  • a new technique allows lightening toned and lightened hair in one step;
  • a wide range of basic hair color.

Another nice aesthetic effect, which is celebrated women who have experienced the technology of 3D painting: good hair shade the face, making it visually younger.

Two major problems conventional staining technology that solves the 3 D :

Flat color (using different shades allows for volume and natural overflow);

Natural hair growth quickly shows natural roots showing unsightly border color (when choosing natural hair colors close to your original color of the border “Flushed Away”).

Presence in the paint gives special wax colored hair healthy and attractive. In addition, depending on the light shade of hair color may vary.

In some cases, the 3D uses the latest hair coloring dyes matrix, including in its membership reflective particles. Applied to the hair, they create the effect of lamination.

During the 3 D hair color should be aware that if the hair had been previously heavily damaged, the desired effect of transformation will be achieved only after the second procedure.

The next week or two after visiting the hairdresser apply cosmetics for colored hair. Encouraged the use of traditional beauty recipes: lemon for hair care, homemade mask for colored hair, the means to shine.