A Miracle For Beautiful Hair And Skin

A Miracle For Beautiful Hair And Skin

Although we go out in the marketplace to get the most suitable beauty products for ourselves, sometimes we just have to look in our own homes for a superior solution. To our very own surprise, we may find it too in our own garden. We are talking about the small lemon.

Why Lemon?

For ages this lemon has been used as one of the leading and most helpful beauty product we can see in your mind’s eye. With its rich contented of the nutrients it helps you with your skin and your hair. Lemon by itself or with any other ingredient makes a very good combination for skin or hair care.

It is so ordinary that any person or everybody can use it. One can’t say that only the well-off and famed were able to make good use of it. It has good quantity of Vitamin C which makes things gentler if you want to have attractive and ravishing skin.

It is very good cleanser as the nutrients does speculate internally as well as externally. Due to the excellent work done for our digestive system it helps in presenting a very fresh and clear skin. If you blend lemon in a glass of warm water and drink it daily, it will help in removing the toxins from your body.

By cutting a lemon and massaging it on your skin and keeping it for almost an hour would help in removing the sunburn. It will also help in decrease your chances of wrinkles and treating the ever growing blemishes. It would work even superior if you happen to massage olive oil before cleaning. It acts as a bleaching agent so keep away from using this mixture before going in the sun.

Using Lemon For Hair

Lemon is a good for your hair too, as it helps in decreasing dandruff. Massaging lemon juice on your hair normalizes the blood in your head helping in hair growing. The glands are normalized too which help in producing oil to have a good-looking and shiny hair.

As it helps in inspiration lemon has been used in many of the aromatherapy soaps and oil to revitalize you in every aspect. If you have fragile nails massaging piece of lemon daily would help you with a much stronger and hardier nails. You can apply one of the common treatments for the nails by soaked them in lemon juice for ten minutes and then brushing them with equal parts of vinegar and warm for good shape.

It is also used to get rid of blackheads. If you massage lemon juice over blackheads, keep it all night and wash it in the morning it will help you tremendously. Persist doing this every night till the blackheads are gone. It can also be used as a breath mint. Squirt some lemon juice in your mouth and whirl it in your mouth for a moment and then drink it. This process would help in getting rid of your bad breath.

Lemon is acidic; one should use it in proper balances. It acts as an astringent which may not be good in surplus amount. Before trying any of these therapies please see to it that you are not allergic to it.