Auburn Hair Color Is In The Trend

Auburn Hair Color Is In The Trend

Auburn hair color has warm tones of red and dark brown. The naturally born auburn comes from chemicals found in the European heritage. The name derived from “Old French”, connects the traits of beauty with the tones of auburn. With the right skin tones and eye color, you can become an auburn and no one will know it is not natural. With all the shades of auburn you can stand out among the many colors and styles.

When deciding if auburn hair color is for you. Think about your skin, eye and original hair color. Lighter skin an eye color is great for a shade of auburn if; green, dark blues and black clothes look best on you, most likely your skin color is suitable for auburn hair color. If your natural hair color is darker than auburn you will have to lighten the shade of color till you can achieve your desired color.

Auburn hair color can be reached by semi-permanent color if your hair is a lighter color than the auburn color desired. Semi-permanent color washes out over a period of time, typically four to six weeks, so re-growth is less noticeable. This process is also better for your hair but is less reliable.

If auburn hair color is your preferred long-term choice for hair color you can use a permanent color. As the name suggests, this will permanently color the hair, however, because hair is constantly growing you can either touch up roots or all over hair color but root touch up will protect older hair from damage. A range of adverse effects can happen when dyeing hair such as; irritation to the skin, allergies, hair breakage, skin discoloration and even odd shades.

When using auburn hair color you may want to test the color first. To test hair, simply cut a small piece of your hair and apply dye to the hair, also dab color onto you writs and after 15 to 20 minutes, any adverse reaction will take place. After this, you will be able to make an informed decision.

Auburn hair color is created from a mix of red and brown. Red is a dominant color, after dyeing your hair any shade of red you will have trouble changing to blonde and even light brown colors will show tones of red without a complete bleaching of the hair. If you are simply seeing how auburn looks with your skin color, semi-permanent hair color is best for you.