Hair Color Chart – How To Find The Right Shade For You

Hair Color Chart – How To Find The Right Shade For You

When you wish to change from redhead to brunette, it is not a simple matter of choosing a shade, and going with it. Each shade of brunette can be different, and it helps to consult a hair color chart or visual aid. The same is true, if you wish to become a blond or redhead. There are many different kinds of these important visual aids, and here is a look at what you may find.

In the Salon

Some of the best visual aids you will find are in salons. Professionals are experienced in these matters and can provide the exact shade that you are looking for. You may notice that some of these charts have actual swatches of hair, and this is a very important feature.

Swatches give you an exact visual impression of what shade to expect. You also can feel and examine the sample. While in the salon, you have a chance to discuss your desired shade with a professional, too.

From the Store

When it comes to hair color charts, brand matters. Some products have their own visual aids, and it is not fair to expect the same shade from another brand, as they may use different ingredients in their products. They also may have different manufacturing techniques.

One of the best strategies may be to utilize a homemade swatch method. You will need a sample of human tresses, and you may be able to use some of your own. Dye a small section of your own locks and make sure that you give it time to completely dry. Sometimes it may look different while it is still wet. This may be one of the best ways to find out, if you have the right shade or not.

Avoiding Disapointment

Many things can happen when you are thinking about new hairstyle colors. Do not forget to include lighting when you examine any kind of visual aid. Some colors may look completely different in sunlight, than in indoor lighting. This may be due to the ingredients in the dye. Also, if you are looking at coloring charts online, your computer monitor settings may be slightly different, than appears on your screen, so take that into account, also.

Another thing to be aware of is going to a lighter shade, from a darker shade. If you are not using a professional stylist, you may need to take several steps to get from brunette to blond, for example. Do not try to go by the visual aid charts, as they may not reveal the true shade, until you have lightened or bleached out your current shade.


A hair color chart can be an invaluable visual aid when you wish to change your appearance. Some of the best examples may be in professional salons. These will have actual swatches that are colored to many different shades. You can carefully look them over and determine what you want. If you are doing it yourself, be careful, as each manufacturer may use their own charts. Also, lighting can make a difference in the shade that you are looking for.