Hair Dye Colors – The Many Different Choices For You

Hair Dye Colors – The Many Different Choices For You

Hair dye colors do not have to be overwhelming; although with so many modern choices, it can indeed seem that way.

The best choices are based on what colors naturally compliment your skin and eye colors. Trying other types of color is typically not very flattering to most people. Decide also if your goal is to cover gray, have a minor change with highlights, or if you are looking for a dramatic change.

A simple way to pick the right color is to determine if your skin tone is in the cool or warm category. Cool tones are usually those that have brown or black eyes, gray or dark blue eyes, or hazel containing flecks or white, blue, or gray. The cool skin tone is dark brown, olive medium with no blush, medium with light pink blush or golden tones, or bronze or brown when tan.

Other cools are pale skin with no blush or pale with light pick blushing. Cools generally have natural hair color ranging from blue-black to white; the variances in between are ash browns, dishwater blonde, or gray.

Cools should avoid any tones of gold, yellow, bronze or red. The hair dye choices of a cool person range from deep shiny blacks to frosty white. In between these extremes are ash blonds or browns. Neutral, ash or beige undertones are the best route to take when choosing a color if you are in the cool group.

Warm color people usually have eyes of golden brown, hazel with gold or brown speckles, or green or green-blue shades. The skin tone is generally brown with a pink base, brown with a gold base, freckled, ruddy, or pale peach or pale gold. Their natural color is either deep brown with gold or red beneath, red, yellowish gray, golden blond, or strawberry blonde. Warm people should always avoid hair colors with bases of blue, violet, ash, or beige.

The most flattering colors for one is a warm tone are golden blonds and browns, warm dark brown, chestnut, or tones of red or gold. You do not have to be overwhelmed by the vast array of hair dye colors. If this all seems overwhelming, choosing to start with highlights or streaks that share the same properties as the above hair colors may be the way to go.