How To Use Herbatint Hair Color

How To Use Herbatint Hair Color

For those of you that do not know much about hair coloring, Herbatint is hair dye that has been marketed just for those consumers that are health-conscious. Unlike those traditional hair dyes, you will not find any alcohol, parabens, ammonia or resorcinol in this hair dye. You see, Herbatint hair color contains only plant proteins and herbs that are rich in color. It can be used as a permanent color, depending on how you mix the dye. On another hand, it can also be used as temporary hair color that washes out.

Before you apply Herbatint to your hair, we highly suggest you doing an allergy test to make sure it is safe to use on your skin. This will consist of you mixing one drop of the hair color with one drop of the herbatint developer.

After this, you will be applying it to an area of your skin that is inconspicuous. We recommend you leaving it there for forty-eight hours.

After those forty-eight hours have passed, it is time to wash the mixture off of your face. If you see any type of rash, redness or irritation on your skin, then it may not be safe to use this product on your hair.

Now, it is time for you to do a color test on a strand of your hair. This is to make sure the color comes out like you would like it to. Take a couple of drops of the Herbatint color and mix it in with a couple drops of the developer. Check the strand of hair after forty-five minutes have passed. If you like the ending results, then move forward to dying your hair.

Put on the gloves that came with the kit. Now, it is time to mix the color into your hair. If you would like for it to be permanent, then mix equal parts of the hair dye with the developer. For wash out color that will last up to twelve washes, mix twenty milliliters of Herbatint with ten milliliters of the developer and thirty milliliters of the shampoo.

You should apply this dye to clean hair that is dry. For the best results, mix it into one section of your hair at a time. In order to spread the dye through your hair, squeeze the dye on the roots and use a comb. Herbatint hair color has gained a lot of popularity in today’s organic world.