Laser Comb, as a Remedy for Hair Loss

Laser Comb, as a Remedy for Hair Loss

If you aspire to be strong and healthy hair laser comb can help you with this. For many years she used to stimulate growth and strengthen hair. Specialists in Trichology from many countries have recognized the laser comb a great tool which can encourage hair growth, strengthen hair follicles, improve the condition of the scalp and combat dandruff.

Indications for the use of laser combs:

  • severe hair loss, baldness;
  • presence of dandruff;
  • weak, dull and brittle hair;
  • hair loss as a result of stress or fatigue;
  • adverse effects of chemical perms or hair coloring: dryness, hair loss, weakness;
  • loss of hair due to vitamin deficiency or weakening of the organism as a result of past diseases;
  • deterioration of the hair after pregnancy;
  • age disorders of hair growth.

How does the laser comb?

Special laser beams, which produces laser comb improve blood circulation in the scalp, causing hair to the roots goes far more nutrients and oxygen. Improved nutrition and breathing has a beneficial effect on hair, due to the action of laser combs, they become thicker and thicker and healthier. In addition, the energy of laser light, has the ability to move into a biological and be involved in protein synthesis, which is the basic building component of the hair. Of course, the most rapid and visible results laser comb for hair shows with regular use.

How to use the laser comb for hair loss?

Apply the instrument must be at least three times a week. The duration of a session should not exceed 20 minutes, you can even start with 10. So, after the laser comb, start gently and slowly led her hair. Start from the roots and stretches for a lock of hair to curl the ends themselves. If you want to increase the impact of the laser beams, spend a comb in the opposite direction of hair growth. Be sure to do it slowly, pausing at each site for a few seconds. Apply the laser comb is possible only if the hair and scalp clean.

Laser comb for hair treatment and scalp after numerous trials and tests, was found safe. Reviews of many people using this comb has confirmed that it has no side effects and can be used at home. Buy a laser comb for hair can now be in the specialized medical stores and the Internet. In any case, intending to make such a purchase check the certificate of quality and availability of instruction in Russian, so you’ll be assured of the quality of the acquired laser comb and its effectiveness.