What Is Organic Hair Color And What Are The Different Effects It Can Give

What Is Organic Hair Color And What Are The Different Effects It Can Give

If you are interested in changing your hair color you may think that the only way to do so is using chemical-filled hair coloring products to achieve the look that you want. But this is not the case. Depending on the changes you want to make it is possible to use organic hair color to change your appearance and feel confident that you are protecting your overall health as well as your hair.

Women have been changing the color of their hair for much longer than they have known about peroxide and chemical colors. The main product that has been used is henna although you can use other plant dyes to color your hair as well. Henna dye is the same natural dye used to create stunning reddish brown patterns on the hands and feet of women from the Middle East and India for thousands of years.

Henna dye is safe and very effective. It is not permanent and will wash out in time. Henna will dye hair a range of different shades of red and this can be further changed by adding different plant dyes such as indigo, alma and cassia in order to get black and brunette colors as well. You can also mix henna with coffee to dye hair as well. There are many different websites devoted to henna hair dye and you can find a wide range of different recipes that can give you the color you are looking for.

There are also companies which offer organic hair color products. They are often henna based since this is the easiest source of organic dye. There are different upscale salons and companies which make organic hair color products.

One of the benefits of organic hair dye is that they can be quite safe to use on damaged or color treated hair. They deposit layers of color on the outside of the hair shaft and this can help hide or even temporarily repair damage that has been caused to the hair shaft in the past.

There are drawbacks to organic hair color methods such as henna. Although henna can be used over top of other chemical hair coloring products, the opposite is not at all true. If you attempt to dye your hair using a chemical kit too soon after dying it with henna you can have some unexpected and possibly unpleasant results. At the least you will get a color that is different than what you were hoping for. As well, henna can cause allergic reactions in many of the users especially if they are sensitive to herbs and plant extracts.